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I have stupid love for Criminal Minds.

So the otherday my fimfam came up to visit me for my birthday, we went out to Solea in Waltham, and ho-shit it was fucking great. I could eat at that place like every fucking day. EVERY FUCKING DAY. SO good. Princess even manned up and ate an Atlantic Mussels. Princess is usually a wicked girl and doesn't eat shell fish. I think my father might have shamed him into eating it. Crazy good. Craaaaaaaaaayzeeeeeeeee good. (SooOooOo good )

But aside from being fucking old, I'm in my late fricking 20s, how the shit did that happen. How the shit did I get this old. Old old old.

And the main thing right now is HOW THE FUCK DID I WAIT SO LONG TO WATCH CRIMINAL MINDS. Oh my FUCKING GOD. I"M CRAZY IN LOVE. I do not have words to express how much I love this show. It fills me with insane girlish glee. I want to sexually assault Hotch and Reid in so many ways. Also, Garcia. I would do many things to Garcia, she is lovely and double fun. Eighthundred fun. More fun than fun can be. Ho-shit show rocks the goddamn party. SOOOO MUCH WIN.

And also, we just made a very bad FtM D&D joke involving the term "manned up" Christ we're lame.
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omfg criminal minds IS GOD
So Fucking GOD. I'm watching it right now, whilst trolling the tubes for fanfics.
Moira dear, you are so loveably insane. And hot. Which is why we love you. :-)

So old, huh? I'm a terribly decrepit 32, so don't you talk back to me, young lady! Get off my lawn! Rhubarb!
I do what I can. :D Love you too darling.

So Old. We're all so old. I don't have a lawn to tell anyone to get off of yet, I'll work on that tout suit.
I do have a lawn, though I have not yet gotten a chance to yell at someone to get off it. I must remedy this when I return from the Sandbox.

And you must visit! There will be booze, debauchery, and yaoi!
I AM GREAT AT RESPONDING TO THINGS IN A TIMELY MANNER. I do like booze, debauchery, and yaoi.