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I have stupid love for Criminal Minds.

So the otherday my fimfam came up to visit me for my birthday, we went out to Solea in Waltham, and ho-shit it was fucking great. I could eat at that place like every fucking day. EVERY FUCKING DAY. SO good. Princess even manned up and ate an Atlantic Mussels. Princess is usually a wicked girl and doesn't eat shell fish. I think my father might have shamed him into eating it. Crazy good. Craaaaaaaaaayzeeeeeeeee good. (SooOooOo good )

But aside from being fucking old, I'm in my late fricking 20s, how the shit did that happen. How the shit did I get this old. Old old old.

And the main thing right now is HOW THE FUCK DID I WAIT SO LONG TO WATCH CRIMINAL MINDS. Oh my FUCKING GOD. I"M CRAZY IN LOVE. I do not have words to express how much I love this show. It fills me with insane girlish glee. I want to sexually assault Hotch and Reid in so many ways. Also, Garcia. I would do many things to Garcia, she is lovely and double fun. Eighthundred fun. More fun than fun can be. Ho-shit show rocks the goddamn party. SOOOO MUCH WIN.

And also, we just made a very bad FtM D&D joke involving the term "manned up" Christ we're lame.
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