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Things and stuff.

Yes, it's true, pants are indead tyrannical.

23 August 1983
From the Land of Pickle Sandwiches

"Nothing is worth more that this day" ~Goethe

I am Moira, queen of all things. I win.

anime, anime boston, anita blake, anthologies, anti-pants, art, art books, bacon, ball pythons, beads, beowulf, bi sexual, biff, black pepper, blue, boas, books, breasts, bright colors, brunhild, celtic mythology, chai, changing rooms, comics, corn snakes, court tv, crochet, csi, dan rather/emperoror dornkirk slashfic, dead like me, dictionaries, dr. faustus, dresses, english, erishikgal, erotic fiction, erotica, fabric, faith no more, fancy cookies, fancy paper, fanfiction, faust, feifdom, feifs, feudal lords, fire, fishnet stockings, france, french canada, german, girly men, goethe, gold, grapefruit soda, graphic novels, greek mythology, green, ground force, hair dye, hair wraps, ham, harry potter, hatred of pants, highway men, homer, homo eroticism, horses, hrothgar, inanna, india, indian mythology, ireland, jean de florette, kali, kim possible, knitting, kremhild, law & order, league of extraordinary gentlemen, long hair, lord byron, lovely men, lxg, manga, manon des sources, manon of the spring, markers, marlowe, men in dresses, men in skirts, men kissing men, men wearing eyeliner, men wearing makeup, men wearing nail polish, mephesto, mephistaphilies, milk, motley corns, nail polish, nergel, old english, oscar wilde, paint, paintbrushes, paper, patricians, pearls, pens, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, ponies, pretentiousness, pythons, richard cheese, royal pythons, sandman, serfdom, severus snape, shiva, skirts, slash, snakes, snape, star trek, steak, swank, swanky music, tea, tits, torchwood, trading spaces, vampires, verbosity, watercolours, words, world domination, wrists, writing, yaoi, yhwh love bacon